Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lunar Eclipse February 20 2008

Photo by Alin Tolea, Baltimore MD, USA

On Wednesday night, February 20th there was a total lunar eclipse, viewable from ~8PM-midnight in the Eastern US. The moon was full and bright as viewed from Arlington MA, temperatures in the 20s (F), clear and cold. Thin wispy clouds veiled the spectacle for short periods, but for the most part the viewing conditions were superb. As shown in the sequence photos below, the shadow started on the lower left, and proceeded across until only a thin crescent of brightness remained. Although not shown in the photos, an interesting pattern of stars flanked the moon, especially visible near the peak of the eclipse. These stars made a kite-like pattern with the moon. I viewed from my house, but did venture out for periods to see it directly (no intervening window) and feel the night air. I bundled up and sat in an Adirondack chair on the front patio. The colors were truly remarkable, Alin Tolea's photo being quite close to what I experienced in Arlington, Massachusetts. Thanks to Alin, and to Herman Heyn, Baltimore's "Street Corner Astronomer" for sending me the stunning photo. This was the most dramatic celestial event visible to the naked eye that I have seen in a long time.

Photo by Jay Hagenbuch, Arlington, Massachusetts USA (Click to see larger image, this clip doesn't do justice to this gorgeous composite that Jay created).

Photo by Stan Honda, Titusville, Florida USA

Photo by AP, Stedman, North Carolina, USA

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