Saturday, February 17, 2007

Redbones Friday - February 16 2007

Redbones is a place that I can really relax, on a Friday evening. I arrived about 7:30, after staying too late at work to attend the opening at the Nave Gallery that I was curious about attending. As usual the bar was quite jammed, but at Redbones this doesn't bother me. I started out with a Jever Pilsner - wow what a wonderfully light straw color, foamy microbubble head and subtle aroma. The hops taste really comes through because of the generally lighter style of the beer. Checking wiki, I learn that a pilsner is a lager, i.e fermented? and aged cold. The wiki also mentions the Jever Pilsner specifically, citing the bitter character of the hops that I had noticed prominently. Wow, you can count on Redbones to deliver the genuine article, and wiki to understand it!