Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Current Aht at the 1369 and Beyond

My favorite coffee shop: the 1369 Coffee House, at 757 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge MA near the Cambridge City Hall (with the big tower and distinctive Richardsonian Romanesque architecture). The art at 1369 moves in and out frequently, almost too frequently for the displays I enjoy. But I'm fighting back against this swift current of time by toting my camera and taking the time to pull it out. Currently there are some bold paintings by Sean Boyce on display, such as the one below. I love the vibrant colors that remind me of that experiment with LSD that I never actually did. It's a chromatic fantasy and a visual thrill. Another painting of the inside of a Red Line subway train made it look like a cozy living room. Martha was sitting in the corner and she was quite accommodating for my photographic exercise. I commented how the light in the back of the room didn't do justice to the painting, but how the painting uplifted the corner with its surge of color and light. Wanted to take it home!

I met "Allister" out in front of the 1369. What risks I take to provide interesting content for this blog! Check out those teeth, and her comfortable mode of sitting! She was calm as I captured his beauty for all to savor, seeming to be well-acquainted with the camera. Click on the photo to get up-close-and-personal! I met the owner after originally posting this, and he told me that Allister is a very mellow guy.

Then I came across this photo of Saturn. Yes, even so far away from home planet there are stunning shadows - light plays everywhere, without an artistic director, stage manager, conductor, art director or other aesthetic authority. How incredibly cool it is that we are able to make a camera as sophisticated as the Cassini spacecraft and get it in position to take a photo (composite) of What Is at that locus of space. Original and more info at http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA08362 . Compared to $1Billion/week in Iraq, what a good way to spend a bit of our collective resources.

Photo credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
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